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Our goal is to offer a wide range of hair pieces of the highest quality and to assist our clients in choosing the hair replacement solution that will fit their lifestyle and restore their self-image.

Hair Replacement Treatments for Women

The social concepts of what constitutes a woman’s beauty and femininity place a heavy emphasis on her hair. When a woman likes the way she looks, she radiates confidence. The professional stylists at Complete Image have the experience, commitment, and artistry to design a hair replacement system with you, and for you, that will give you an amazingly natural-looking result (and put the bounce back in your step)!

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Portrait of middle-aged woman with short blond haircut

Hair Replacement Treatments for Men

When hair loss becomes noticeable or elicits comments, most men experience discomfort and become self-conscious about their appearance and the image they project. Stylists at Cleveland’s Complete Image Clinic will demonstrate options to fit your needs, your comfort level and your lifestyle. Take the first step to regain control of your appearance.

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A Full Range of Services

At Complete Image Hair Design, a hair piece means a customized hair replacement system, whether it’s needed to fill in thinning hair, cover a small localized area, or the entire scalp.

Hair Extensions

Long and short term options to create fullness and length.

Hair Pieces and Toppers

Natural looking scalps, handmade and customized for any degree of hair loss attached to the top of the head.

Eyelash Enhancements

Single strands or clusters added semi permanently to compensate for thin lashes.

Choose Complete Image Hair Design

We offer the highest quality, most natural-looking hair replacement systems available.

Our Mission

To offer personalized prosthetics and hair replacement solutions of the highest quality, and to create a natural appearance to help you feel your best.
Hair Replacement

Our Commitment

We are here every step of the way to answer all your questions and help you adjust to your new appearance.
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Our Promise

We will NOT provide or carry a product we would not wear ourselves.
Hair Pieces & Toppers

Happy Clients. True Testimonials.

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