When hair thinning or loss occurs, the change is so obvious in appearance that even if you don’t feel sick without your hair, you may look it. The social concepts of what constitutes a woman’s beauty and femininity place a heavy emphasis on her hair. Often addressing the appearance and cosmetic issues of losing part, or all, of one’s own hair can alleviate the emotional adjustments.

The amazing technological strides made in the processing and production of hair replacements for women in recent years, combined with more extensive and stringent training of stylists, and the wide array of customized, creative options available, have resulted in extremely comfortable, stylish and undetectable female hair replacement solutions.

Comments such as “awesome”, “love it”, “my own mother won’t be able to tell the difference” are the norm from clients at Cleveland’s Complete Image Clinic.

Synthetic and human hair replacement systems for women each have specific advantages in wear and care, and also many consistent common denominators: both are completely custom made – by hand, hair color matches can be selected from thousands of swatches (even unique aspects of color can be added, such as streaks, high or low lights, etc.), exact measurements are used to create cap molds to ensure perfect fit and scalp tone coordination.

High quality synthetic female hair replacement systems are often the optimum choice for the temporary hair loss caused by the side effects of chemotherapy. No adhesive is needed (the cap fits like a glove), the style holds its shape and bounces back without need for blow drying, curling, or even hair spray. Each synthetic hair is meticulously tied to the hand-made cap by experienced craftsmen (NEVER by a machine). The finished female hair replacement system weighs only 2 – 3 ounces (a little more if a long hair style is chosen) and the hair color shade chosen is always nuanced to provide that natural appearance.

Living human hair is donated and sent to a professional processing center where it is sanitized and subjected to a process which strips the DNA from the strands. It is then carefully dyed to different shades and ready for use in hair replacements for women. Human hair could eventually fade or become brittle from prolonged sun exposure; it reacts just like your own hair. This also means it can be toned down, treated and professionally dyed.

The caps used in all hair pieces created by Complete Image Clinic in Cleveland will always be of the finest, highest quality material regardless of the size of the hair replacement area. When hair follicles die and the scalp dries, it also becomes more sensitive. Whether a French lace cap – a handmade, honeycomb design – is selected, or a mono cap where the hair is attached to the welfts inside the cap, you can rest assured the cap will not irritate your scalp.

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